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Features of the museum

The museum's collection covers a period from the Boer War through to modern peace-keeping and comprises a wide range of artefacts including uniforms, medals, tools, trench art, personal effects and vehicles. However, the main focus of the collection is on Central Queensland's involvement in the military.

Local servicemen and servicewomen from all military services are represented with photographs, medals and memorabilia. For some individuals we present a brief history of their time served in the armed forces, and in our Memorial Foyer we feature a number of honour boards listing the names of many local soldiers.

We also feature a closer focus on the Rockhampton - Yeppoon region during World War 2: the American "Invasion". The American army established a large number of camps in the region; Rockhampton was host to up to 75,000 troops. The region was considered perfect for training due to its varied terrain, including forest, open land and beaches.

Today, field-walkers and metal detectorists are still discovering artefacts from the former sites of these camps. We have a quantity of such items on display in our Rockhampton - American Room.


Some Features of Our Collection

  • A reference library of over 3000 books
  • A large collection of uniforms
  • An armoury of weapons ranging from pre-Federation to Vietnam
  • Medals and insignia from various nations
  • Fine examples of Trench Art
  • Wartime souvenirs
  • A small collection of vehicles, gradually being restored
  • Items from the Home Front
  • Various flags and standards
  • Representation of all the Armed Forces
  • Dioramas crafted by our volunteers
  • Models crafted/assembled by various people